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Chengdu years designs. RON castle hotel in chengdu

Date: 2014-07-10

Chengdu ancient fertile land, is an important producer of agriculture in sichuan, especially in chili, watercress, PI county tea green bamboo snake, white wine first fang shui jing fang, etc. Welcome.In recent years, the city more active construction, in the international hotel, chengdu is one of the three best tourism cities in China.Of course, the giant panda merchandise is set to swim the growing popularity of chengdu.
Years. Long hotel in chengdu center at fort convenient geographical position
Hotel is located in known as Wall Street's financial district in the heart of chengdu in western China, the square is located in the center of chengdu xi, LAN kwai fong chengdu spring city road pedestrian street and shopping heaven only zhichizhiyao, is that you indulge in all sorts of people and enjoy shopping in the perfect place.For sites enthusiasts, synchronized years?Long fort near chengdu hotel jamchen lhakhang monastery and the world's oldest brewery shui jing fang and other historical sites, are waiting for you to explore.
Enter kind elegant individual suites, unique taste of decorate a style to create a rich imagination and comfort of the avant-garde space.Suite design fashion unique, very spacious, with sitting room, bar and independent cloakroom, bathroom more equipped with two sets of bathroom products, to comply with "she" with his different needs.
In a luxury suite, can lay down on the window overlooking the busy outside the window, or facing the window starlight background enjoy intimate bath time.Deluxe suite has a separate lounge, with South Korea artists Sun Zhen jas (Jinah Sohn) as the hotel carefully to create "chair" as the theme of art hanging is tasted, the significance of "you are welcome to my home" warmth invite, the more you add charming color of have a rest.
Multivariate modern facilities, increase in comfort

Besides artistic hall corridor, hotel more has a fully equipped business center, meeting room, and let people relax sofa reading area, put a lot of books available for borrowing, both at home and abroad in capacious and comfortable fitness center fully experience the wonderful sports sweat, beside the swimming pool of 7 f carefree to enjoy the beautiful night view, feel valued h statue of SPA and so on.How to make your trip comfortable and pleasant.
Take your taste buds to travel around the world
Cluster on the adornment of the modern atmosphere, in the luxury taste of western restaurant and lounge on the second floor and the hotel's luxurious temperament reflect each other, is a pattern in long fort 24-hour restaurant of the hotel in chengdu.Space is spacious and elegant, talented chefs use luxury taste of fresh seasonal ingredients, cooked in the city of the most creative western food for you, with your taste buds to travel around the world.With art adornment fashion elegant restaurant environment, there are many more precious modern literature books put in the shelf, while you are eating with you feel a washing the cultural tour of the heart.