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Hilton will brand all settled in chengdu

Date: 2014-09-15

In 2017, the United States, the Hilton international hotel chain brand (hereinafter referred to as the Hilton worldwide), including the waldorf Hilton, Conrad Hilton, escape and Hilton garden hotel, five major brands, a total of 10 hotels will be fully opened in chengdu.Chengdu, will be the only world meet in Hilton in China's five major brands in China's cities.This is just opened: Hilton full access to chengdu a Hilton worldwide have quickened their pace in chengdu root, Hilton plans to 11 big brand all settled in chengdu.A few days ago, made a special trip to rong Hilton worldwide Asia Pacific President Ma Tingrui accepted our reporter's interview, he has made no secret of chengdu, and revealed the development of the Hilton in chengdu "ambition" and "confidence".
Ma Tingrui: sorry for not being able to come to chengdu sooner
Two days ago, the reporter saw the Hilton Hilton garden hotel projects in chengdu global asia-pacific President Ma Tingrui and Hilton worldwide greater China and Mongolia area senior vice President of operations of wheat jinxin.
"I regret for not being able to come to chengdu sooner!"The sight of journalists Ma Tingrui very freely expressed his love of chengdu.This is the first time to come to chengdu, Ma Tingrui over the past six years he is constantly visit different cities in China, but have no chance to come to chengdu."In my first trip to chengdu, the city's rapid development economy left a deep impression on me. Chengdu people friendly, atmosphere of leisure, relax, let me have a feel at home. In chengdu, convenient transportation, green coverage rate is high. Although there are many construction sites in construction, but the environment is dirty, very orderly, and have a very good impression on me."
Ma Tingrui, told reporters in chengdu mice tourism ranked third in the national market, second only to Shanghai and Beijing, the future development potential is tremendous.At the same time, more than half of the world top 500 enterprises have come to chengdu, chengdu international competition environment is more and more good, attracted many international business customers or visitors, the potential market is enormous.In addition, chengdu in recent years, rapid growth rate of GDP, reflects the city's huge spending power and the demand for high quality service and the hotel.And, more importantly, chengdu tourism is developing very rapidly, according to a report in 2013, the chengdu tourism, up nearly 30% from the previous year, it also showed the potential of the chengdu tourism market."Hilton worldwide is a breath of its five brand into chengdu, chengdu is not only considering the specific user groups, subdivision of city, more important is confidence in the chengdu market. Come after, I think the Hilton global settled in chengdu is a wise choice."Ma Tingrui said.
Three years 5 big brand 10 hotels local appearance
"Our two hotels in chengdu architecture has already been capped, is expected next year, the two Hilton hotels will officially open their doors."Jinxin said.It pulled open only the beginning of a Hilton Hotel in chengdu for the opening of the.It is understood that the next three years, chengdu will have 5 big brands of 10 hotels have opened, and the figures released by the Hilton worldwide last year plans to open six hotels in rong leaped four.It is understood that the five major brands including the world's top luxury Hilton Hotel brand waldorf astoria Conrad, five-star hotels, luxury hotels brand Hilton and Hilton from Lin, Hilton garden inn and four-star hotels.
The Hilton global 10 hotels in chengdu in as planned in an orderly way.It was revealed that next year will have a Hilton and Hilton garden hotel officially opened two hotels in chengdu.And the first open in rong Hilton Hotel has 400 guest rooms, 3 restaurants, two bars, and other related supporting facilities.To highlight characteristics of chengdu, the hotel in the Chinese restaurant, bar and related public facilities are integrated into many local style, local conditions and customs, the folk custom culture.
All brand is expected to be settled in chengdu in the future
"Before 2017, Hilton worldwide will determine the opening 10 hotels in chengdu. The huge market potential, but in chengdu Hilton worldwide, eventually settled in chengdu hotel number more than 10."Wheat jinxin said, chengdu is the core of the Midwest growth pole, Hilton worldwide is also saw the great potential market in chengdu.Choose settled in chengdu, chengdu in western China is based on the important position, it is also a global Hilton the only city in five major brands in China, whether economic or other aspects of development, the potential of chengdu in the front row.Hilton worldwide owns 11 world-class international brands, currently has five brands stationed in chengdu, so in the future, Hilton worldwide will pay more attention to chengdu and use it as a strategic center of radiation in western China.
"Hilton global to the entire Asian market development have a overall planning. Also, for the city of chengdu also has a clear development direction. We want to Hilton worldwide's 11 major brands are stationed in chengdu."Ma Tingrui disclosed.It is reported that the 10 hotels after opening, will add 2500 hotel rooms for chengdu, 2500 new jobs.