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Chengdu sitting on global gourmet tour

Date: 2014-12-22

Pho, the Singapore hainan chicken rice, paella, Australian small meat...Recently, the chengdu century city intercontinental hotel heaven, chengdu fuli ritz-carlton hotel, shangri-la hotel, chengdu jinjiang hotel, sheraton chengdu tianfu lido hotel, a five-star hotel chefs are promoting food theme weeks or global food staple food.Chengdu people make quite luck to eat STH delicious, don't have to fly to foreign countries, can taste the authentic cuisine, sit enjoy gourmet tour round the world.
Chengdu commercial daily reporter Mr Wang
When the field sweet blends the faint scent and ocean
Global food: wild MiJinShang stewed crab pliers melon duo and create weight-loss-friendly chili seedling
Recommend a hotel: chengdu century city intercontinental hotel heaven
Land: China
The five-star chef:
Lin Shuwei Chengdu century city intercontinental hotel heaven kitchen operations director
Cuisine features: selected rich in a variety of trace elements and dietary fiber of Algeria and wild rice, temperature of spleen in wax gourd, pure and fresh and refreshing fabaceous seedling with fat fresh sweet crab pliers with aromatic chicken soup steamed, the every kind of food tastes perfect combination.And lively colour, rich layers of texture, like autumn Yang the taste of aromatic warmth forefinger big move.
This dish is creative, in a healthy diet concept under the guidance to create wonderful points.Perfectly with seafood and green vegetable, from the scent of the field to born from ocean sweet blend and delicious.
Hanoi chef to the tunnel pho
Global food: pho
Recommend a hotel: chengdu fuli ritz-carlton hotel
JW marriott hotel in Hanoi, Nguyen Manh Hung
Land: Vietnam
Cuisine features: don't make the mistake of believing that the taste of a bowl of pho come easily, want to know to river powder delicious or not lies in the soup base and powder, condemned the kung fu source such characteristics.Came to the hotel restaurant xiang hui all-weather is held in Vietnam food week site, you will find the secret of the pho.The soup base is built with beef bones boil, a strong color shallow, smooth but not greasy.River powder will be expected to have toughness and elasticity, temperature and time to the right.Its material containing pho, beef slices, flank beef meat, cattle bones, sugar cane (cut), onion, bean sprouts, ginger, star anise, amomum, hot pepper, green onion, coriander, lemon, fish sauce, salt, sugar, and pepper.Numerous materials will know its taste is not false.In hot good pho, add pepper, bean sprouts, lemon juice, beef slices and beef brisket slices on the shop, plus the pivotal soup base, a few chopped green onion, coriander, stimulated the appetite at the moment to meet completely.
With special chili sauce to eat Taste great
Global food: hainan chicken rice
Recommend a hotel: chengdu shangri-la hotel
WenJianDe Chengdu shangri-la hotel executive chef
Land: Singapore
Cuisine features: hainan chicken rice is a quasi "national dish" of Singapore.Within the rong coffee western restaurant of the hotel, will be able to enjoy the same delicious feeling in Singapore.Want to know, match with soup, sliced cucumber and pepper sauce, wonderful.Very simple, but delicious, a must.The method of making the hainan chicken particularly exquisite, the whole chicken boiled until tender, sliced and plate, sprinkle with sesame oil and soy sauce;Rice is cooking together with chicken soup and chicken oil, so special sweet taste, and then dipped in black soy sauce, garlic or eat a special spicy chili sauce, taste great.
Let your taste buds to a long journey
Global food: Angus beef fillet
Recommend a hotel: jinjiang hotel
Christopher duff was Michelin star chef, jinjiang hotel jin yue restaurant chef
Land: France
Cuisine features: low temperature treatment after Angus beef, will be quickly Fried in a pan with butter, plate match below Parmesan huang puff, placed above the black truffle seasonal vegetables, stew in pan-fried beef covered in a thin layer of bacon, the final will be the red wine, made from special thick juice under uniform spray, black of a delicious Angus beef.
Jin yue at jinjiang hotel restaurant taste a French dinner, is the taste of a long journey.Whether price than diamonds of truffle, well-developed and melt in your mouth, snacks in the shu fu foie gras, dreams, or the production process as solemn as stage crepes, chef careful nursing and to cook, the plate and pleasing to the eye, offer the dazzling performance of not just visual, but also taste encounter gluttonous feast.
The best party must be to retain flavor
The global cuisine: secret valencia paella
Recommend a hotel: chengdu tianfu lido hotel sheraton hotel
The five-star chef: James Zhang chengdu tianfu sheraton lido western executive chef
Land: Spain
Cuisine features: one of the three famous paella is western food, and the French snail, pasta.All delicious and perfect are from expensive spice saffron color, yellow dotted with a grain of shrimp, crab, full black clam, clams, oysters, squid, perfect all kinds of fresh food is found in the flat light circle the pot mouth.Chef cooking the longer, the test temperature control capability, the more the taste of seafood and rice combined together.Every cook has exclusive "flavour dish" in the heart, a chef with Spanish authentic cooking technique, with the characteristics of sichuan people captious taste buds alone with just a secret spices flavor, make traditional risotto more soft waxy, liquid fertilizer thick flavor.
Never need too much seafood sauce or ornament heavy material, must be to retain original best feast.On fresh seafood risotto gold into fresh lemon juice, slightly acidic juices can instantly improve fleshy palate, and the stimulation of seafood, let the rich grain contains pure and fresh and sweet, let a person wanting more and there is no burden.
Fresh beef flown to store every Friday morning
Global food: Australian small fresh meat
Recommend a hotel: renhe spring hotel
Chef: Rudy Liu ren and spring hotel restaurant executive chef
Land: Australia